My City is Gone

This is how people that once lived in NYC must've felt when 9/11 happened. The city I grew up in is gone. I will never again be able to stand in the French Quarter and haggle with the wacky Liberian guy over his cheap jewelry or stand on the levee and look out into the Gulf of Mexico or rightfully complain how Jax Brewery had turned from a brewery into a shopping mall or walk around plastered on Bourbon Street at 2 in the afternoon or stand back in awe at the incredible fusion of French and Spanish architechture that made the buildings so unique.
From what I understand, all of that is gone. It's been said New Orleans will never recover. They arent letting people back into the city for at least 3 months. When the rescue workers encounter a house with dead bodies, they simply mark the door with an "X" and move on to look for survivors. My brother in law is now on his way down from Mobile, AL to join the search and rescue efforts.
Thankfully, all of my family is ok considering where they are in Mobile was hit pretty hard as well.
So many memories, no doubt my elementary and middle schools have been washed away.
They are trying to plug up the levees with barges.
There are bodies and sewage floating everwhere. All that can be seen are what is left of rooftops. The poor people have no where to go and no money to get there.
I'm really not sure what to think.
But I think I will do this as soon as I get some extra money.


Anonymous said...

"The Yacht Club is on fire, Kenner has been hit hard, WDSU (channel 6 New Orleans) has a chopper up over Kenner showing the destruction. Looks like the CBD and Quarter got off the lightest. Kenner is flooded from lake to river - the malls are gone - it is really bad."

from this blog, on the 29th.


> Mer. said...

i never thought an excerpt from a blog could makes me cry.