ok so that interesting little bout of depression has come and gone. i still have yet to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, starring my husband Johnny Depp. (Im sure as soon as he finds out I am interested he will dump that French model chick.)
Got some peeps comin over to the new pad to play poker today, ought to be interesting. Or not. Whatever, its a break from the norm, which is what I need right now. Fear Im falling into the comfortable grind of the normal 9 to 5er, though my hours are far from 9-5. I just worry I am getting too comfortable in my current dead end job and losing the ambition to move up in the world and, eventually, take it over completly. Still working on a super nifty script with my screenwriter friend in Atlanta, but cutting out parts of the original story feels like slitting the throats of my own children. But, alas, its neccessary to make sure the movie isnt 10 hours long.
A thereapist once told me these weblog things were theraputic. We'll see I guess.

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