Days go by

The days are just a blur. I could swear it is still last week some time. All I have time to do is work, come home and sleep for 8-10 hours depending on how exausted I am, Then get ready to go back to work. Im pretty sure I got the promotion I had hoped for, but that means 3 weeks of training = 70 hour work weeks. Yay. My philosophy is that lower income jobs keep thier intelligent employees by working them too hard for them to have time to find a better job, or even realize they are capable of getting one. My job offers a generous tuition assistance program, only availible to full time employee, most of which are too busy with thier families and thier 40+ hours of work to take advantage of it. It is offered because the company knows not many will be able to take advantage of it.
Oh, and did I mention They are bringing back "Flair"?
(guess where I work)
Ive got to go buy some buttons.

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