yet again. what to rant about save for the Russian asleep on my floor and my hatred of my job(s). Seems that everyone I am surrounded with is about (on average) 3 years younger than me and still living with thier parents. Very hard to relate to them. they are all very nice people, just unfortunately, not on the same level as I am in terms of responsibilities. I want to be a scientist, an artist, a fashion designer, a musician, a teacher...all things i cannot do because of these responsibilities I have had since the age of 17, and it is very frustrating to see those around having so very little to stress about while also being handed oppurtunites i never had the chance to work for. very frustrating.
I doubt i will call NY my home much longer. Too expensive and unreal.

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Anonymous said...

Move to Atlanta. It's fun. Really. It is. Really.