Natural Selection

Ah yes, the morning commute is never complete without at least one 50 something, face-lift stretched Long Island lizard woman cutting me off. Now I understand the importance of putting your make-up on while driving, I mean, how else do you intend to keep your husband under the impression that you arent a rode hard, put up wet, smelly old hag? I mean, its not like his 19 year old mistress has anything on YOU. No. You go girl. Just next time, make sure and buckle up the little turds screaming in your back seat lest they ACCIDENTALLY were to be followed to school by the innocent driver you cut off and (somehow) scarred to the point of running off to Hong Kong. Yes, that would be a damn shame.
I know this lacks consistancey and a decent spell check, but I know what I mean, and yes Virginia, that's all that matters.

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Walter said...

I sense a certain... malaise centering around driving and lizard people.