Ok, so I parked my white Ford Ranger pickup truck on the airplane and hid my pet cat and mouse that I had snuck on board in a cat carrier then covered it with a red blanket and stored it at the back of the airplane, behind all of the other parked cars. Then we left and went for a walk through a park. Then , looking up, I see the island of Manhattan (which is frozen) floating about our heads then floating away. I look at Dave and say "I hope you've got all you Pink Floyd albums." "Yeah, good thing too" he replies. On the walk through the park back to the airplane, the cat I snuck aboard appears in front of me; she had escaped from the plane. I tkae her back to the hidden cat carrier on the plane and find another cat, a few mice and a couple of rats were sleeping in the carrier. I dug out my little gray mouse and stuck my cat and my mouse in my pocket.
Then I woke up.

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